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Welcome to IBCE 2017

Join us at International Business Conference and Exhibition 2017 at Lahore Expo Center where hundreds of businesses, multinationals, foreign investors, exhibitors, manufacturers, entrepreneurs, CEOs and academicians from China, Europe, Middle East, Korea, Malaysia, UAE, and Turkey are converging on the most anticipated forum of the year. We are expecting 150 exhibiting companies from 25 countries, while 100,000 trade visitors are expected to attend IBCE-2017. Read More...

What to Expect from IBCE 2017

As businesses move towards a more integrated world, globalization of business becomes the need of the time as your company adjusts to new realities while operating in multiple countries. The IBCE 2017 offers opportunities for both market globalization and product globalization.

Targeting a B2B (Business to Business) market requires a different strategy (B2B customer is more logical, focusing on how the product will save them resources or time) than that involved in B2C (Business to Consumer who basically wants a products that gives immediate and personal benefit). The B2Y (Business to Youth) marketing has high potential in Pakistan due to the fact that Pakistan has 66% percentage of youth. Through this marketing approach, the opportunity will be given to youth groups to introduce their business ideas to make the industry more innovative.

The IBCE 2017 brings potential customers/buyers under one roof. All you have to do is make the right sales pitch.

If you are bringing in a new product then this is the perfect launching platform for you in terms of being cost effective. You can meet your customers face-to-face, assess their needs, carryout valuable market research, or even do a live product demonstration.

Simply put, this is the place where international marketing bears the best results. All successful businesses want to expand and diversify; for this they need marketing plans that seek new clients based on a thorough study of the target market. One size does not fit all. A viable emerging market strategy is the key to targeting the consumer in an overseas market.

In line with the era of globalization, Pakistan has focused on investment liberalization initiatives, inviting foreign direct investment and offering one of the best investment regimes anywhere in the world. With over 180 million inhabitants and geostrategic importance, Pakistan is well poised to become a hub of economic activities.

The IBCE is a platform where exchange of ideas and information can lead to new and innovative products and services. Knowledge does not emanate from one direction only; often, it is the result of collaborative efforts, brainstorming sessions and new solutions to business problems.