Corporates' Views About IBCE

Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif

 Former Chief Minister of Punjab


For the economic prosperity of any nation, synergistic global relationships are essential. Our government’s vision is to streamline business procedures to elevate Pakistan’s ranking in the “Ease of Doing Business Ranking.”

We aim to strengthen our relations with businesses in Europe, Nordic Region, Central Asia, Middle East, China, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia and Australia. UMT’s project, IBCE is a perfect platform for convergence of investor’s from all these regions.

We welcome all of them and assure them of full support of the Punjab Government. IBCE will enhance cooperation among nation economic development, investment opportunities, and culture exchanges.

I believe this initiative can promote this vision by providing a perfect meeting place for the foreign and local investors.

Wishing best of luck to this laudable venture

Abid Khan Sherwani

Chief Organizer IBCE & Director General UMT

“Dear colleagues belonging to the national and international business community and future entrepreneurs”

The forthcoming 3rd International Business Conference and Exhibition (IBCE) 2018 is welcoming you for what is sure to be an exciting opportunity to expand or start the business with innovation. The national and international business entities will gather together in Lahore around the theme of leading business transformation, which would raise a number of joint investment partnership forums for all of us and bring further advancements to the country.

IBCE 2018 will be packed with stimulating sessions, networking opportunities and business meetings, the 2 days event would be the platform which will invite the leading business arrays from the regions of Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia and US, alongside business professionals to maintain and expand their expertise and leadership in business transformation. On this occasion, I am looking forward to your presence on this key moment to join hands with us for economic development. I am confident that with the help of your contributions and participation, it will be a memorable experience.

H.E.Alexey Y. Dedov

Russian Ambassador to Pakistan


The government of Russian Federation values the relations with Pakistan very highly and considers this country as one of the economic activity hubs of South Asian region. Economic and business cooperation between our countries has witnessed recently tangible advances due to regular activities of intergovernmental commission on Trade, Economic, Scientific and Technical Cooperation, Russia-Pakistan Investment Forum, signing of a contract for construction of a “North-South” LNG pipeline from Karachi to Lahore. Russian business circles are ready to implement mutually beneficial projects since a huge potential for economic cooperation, we possess has to be fulfilled.

In this context, we attach great importance to the recent visit to Lahore of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan R.Minnikhanov who was accompanied by leading representatives of business circles of the Republic.

The International Business Conference and Exhibition 2017 (IBCE) is a platform for exchanging ideas, exploring opportunities for joint ventures and technology transformation. I would like to endorse its objectives for strengthening friendly ties with Pakistan and enhancing long – lasting cooperation for the benefit of our people.

Dr. A. Q. Khan,Nuclear Scientist

Former Chairman KRL, Kahuta (Dist. Rawalpindi) Fellow and Former President Pakistan Academy of Sciences, Islamabad

It gives me a great pleasure to note that University of Management and Technology (UMT) is going to organize the International Business Conference and Exhibition- IBCE. I have known this university from its inception and I can say, with full confidence, that its programs are excellent and meet national requirements. Organizing this event will open many doors for increased investments in technologies in general and for the overall economic development of Pakistan in particular.

I extend my best wishes for the success of this initiative taken by UMT.

S. M. Naveed

President PCJCCI

In my capacity as the President of Pak-China Joint chamber of commerce and industry (PCJCCI, this is indeed a great privilege for me to be welcoming our respected foreign delegates, investors and exhibitors who will participate in IBCE 2018. There is no doubt that, Pakistan is considered as one of the biggest business economies for national and international investors. It is a highly important venue for showcasing the most advanced technologies, innovative developments and services. A substantive and professional dialogue regarding the industry’s future development will also takes place in the conference. The expo is always a bright and long-awaited event for businessmen, visitors, to learn & explore opportunity for joint ventures. Our vision is economic sustainability and prosperity for all and 3rd IBCE 2018 is promoting this objective by providing a business platform to all investors. I would like to appreciate the management of University of Management and Technology (UMT) for their efforts, hard work and dedication towards serving Pakistan.

Mr. Muhammad Saleem Ranjha

Additional Secretary, BOI

The Government has adopted the policies of privatization, liberalization and deregulation of economy in Pakistan. Pakistan’s Investment Policy has been formulated to create an investors friendly environment with a focus on further opening up the economy and attract foreign direct investment and provide equal treatment to foreign and local investors. Foreign equity up to 100% is allowed, there is no restriction on remittances of royalty, technical & franchise fee, dividends, capital & profits gains. IBCE is a step towards fulfilling our promise to the nation to bring in investment opportunities in order to transform our country’s manufacturing capabilities and promote country’s exports.

Naseer Ahmed

Chairman REAP

The 3rd IBCE 2018 International Conference on Renewable Energy for a sustainable industrial production is intended to create an open space networking and exchange of information and knowledge and innovations among national and international stakeholders. Under this joint venture organized by REAP and UMT, we aim to provide the opportunities to discover the mutual areas of interest of investment and to create the employment opportunities as well as to overcome energy crisis in Pakistan.
IBCE 2018 is welcoming the discussions, new ideas and innovations that will support our goal enriching innovation capacity for technology transformation.
We hope that this international event will give opportunities for close collaborations, and strategic alliances in scientific research, projects and business partnerships that will contribute efficiently for a modern and efficient use of Renewable Energy and for the attenuation of the impact of climate changes.
We should catch this opportunity to contribute our part for ending the energy crisis and prosperity of Pakistan.

Architect Muhammad Ashfaq

CEO Building Resource Book Pakistan

There is no doubt that the housing & construction projects in Pakistan have become the most charming investment opportunity for investors, aftermath the execution of CPEC memorandum. The other contributing factors are population growth, density, urbanization trends in living communities and better life styles.
As per modern theories, cities are the hub of economic growth and cultural development and can offer countless benefits to their inhabitants. Cities are responsible for disproportionately higher rates of economic growth when compared with rural areas: with just over 50% of total world population, cities generate more than 80% of global GDP.
To be in par with the massive development drive taking place in Pakistan, it is necessary to bring systematic changes and development processes into the urban community in Pakistan. That will ensure that inhabitants of urban areas become a part of socioeconomic development of the country while maintaining high levels in quality of life.
UMT’s international Business Conference and Exhibition 2018 (IBCE) on Housing and Construction is in order to transform the business ideas and joint venture investment projects for the economic prosperity of the country. Towards this end, this initiative will extend beyond the mere notion of building structures or creating isolated urban enclave, but well established and balanced ecosystem which supports socio, cultural, economic and spiritual wellbeing of youth entrepreneurs and investors.

Wang Zihai

Former President Pak-China Joint Chamber of Commerce & Industry

I am glad to express my gratitude that UMT once again intends to organize the fabulous event of IBCE 2018. I am expecting that this event will potentially generate vast business opportunities among the nations of Republic of China and Pakistan. Through economic revolution and empowerment, we can adapt our products to meet global needs and revive our economy. Pakistan is a multicultural country where national and international investors have a great deal of interest.

I invite the international business communities of China and Pakistan to join us for IBCE 201. We hope, government of Pakistan will continue supporting CPEC and other opportunities of this kind. Pakistan is going to become an economic and trading hub for the global market.


Dr. Mirza lkhtiar Baig

Chairman Group & Former Advisor to PM on Textile

I congratulate the Organizers University of Management & Technology (UMT) to organize the Intl Business Conference & Exhibition-IBCE at Expo Center Lahore. The event will create strategic linkage between industry, academia and government functionaries to boost economic development in Pakistan. All the selected themes are of vital importance to showcase cutting edge technologies from the developed countries. I am confident that the exhibition would breakthrough opportunities for technological innovation and business transformation. Pakistan is lagging behind in exports of IT & global networking, I hope the exhibition would provide the opportunities to promote their exports. 

I wish the organizers all the success for a successful & productive conference

Mumshad Ali

Former Chairman Pakistan,Pakistan Assosiation of Automotive Parts & Accessories Manufacturers(PAAPAM)

"I would like to express my appreciations to those who have braved the weather and going to organize an International Business Conference and Exhibition. The degree of flexibility and willingness of this program will indeed showcase the cutting edge technologies, business practices and new ventures from all parts of the world under one roof. We wish UMT good luck for such an inspiring initiative.   

Thank you"


Syed Nabeel Hashmi

Former Chairman PAAPAM & PPMA

The role of automobile industry in any economy is like a backbone practically in all available engineering technologies. Our commitment is to strive for a competitive edge in the local automotive parts industry by maximizing local content and by creating an environment which is conducive to innovation and modernization with latest research and development. I really appreciate the efforts of University of Management and Technology which is going to provide a platform for automobile industry through IBCE. I personally believe, this event would be the best opportunity regarding the promotion of automobile sector’s vision and business.

I wish good luck to UMT leadership for this event and assure for our long term support.

Datu. Kashif Riaz

Honorary ambassador of Sultanat of Buayan Philippines, for Scotland

Regional Director, Europe, Africa & Middle East region

International Institute of Business Analysis

If I look at Pakistani market from an international perspective, its becoming favourite for business opportunities and investments especially when Europe USA and other countries' economy is struggling. In this most attractive and crucial time of investment opportunities, IBCE event is going to play a vital role. It will bridge the gap between Pakistani market and foreign investors. I really appreciate the great vision of the UMT management/ IBCE organisers to create/support opportunities for Pakistan to grow. Well done to the team and I would be honoured to support the team wherever I could.