Architecture, Planning and Construction (APC)

Brief Introduction

3rd INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION on ARCHITECTURE, PLANNING& CONSTRUCTION (APC) aims to bring together leading professional, scientists and industrialists to exchange and share their experiences and research on all aspects of Architecture, Planning and construction industry. It will provide a premier interdisciplinary platform to present and discuss the most recent trends, innovations, and burning issues concerning practical challenges encountered during the process of finding possible solutions in the domain of architecture, planning and construction.

Our society is increasingly facing issues, like rapid urbanization of megacities, limited infrastructure and scarcity of spaces which emerged as a major contributor towards global warming. The Conference highlights cutting edge research topics in the area of architecture, planning and construction, all geared towards improvements in built environment. The APC intends to deal with the design typologies, procedures and design practices prevalent in the region, in the comparison to the global set-up and new trends. To further, add to that, the APC throws adequate light on collaborative solutions brought forth by academicians, research scholars, designers, real estate developers, builders, facility managers, local governments and internationally affiliated Think Tanks in operation based on Triple Helix framework, in research format, all at one place. Moreover we at APC welcome people from all walks of life, to play their parts, towards a better future and a healthy environment.

The very unique aspect of APC is gathering academicians, researchers, designers and people from industry under one roof. This event would be a platform to attract the foreign and national investors from Pakistan and abroad to initiate the new economic projects for the creation of new employment opportunities for professional and youth.

In parallel to the academic conference IBCE has made arrangements for international level exhibition in the area of architecture, planning and construction industry. This exhibition would be graced by more than 150+ promising exhibitors, entrepreneurs, businessmen and professionals, including foreign and national delegates who will sensitize the audience about ongoing investment projects within the country and also will elaborate opportunities for investments and match making between the ideas generators and the investors.

Businessmen from Turkey, China, Germany, Malaysia, Middle East and Pakistan will also display their products in aforementioned sectors and eager to join hands with local entrepreneurs for joint ventures.

Host Institution

The University of Management and Technology has evolved into a premier institution of higher learning in the country. It is recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) as a 'W4' category (highest rank) university. For more than two years, UMT was also at the top as per HEC ranking in General Category (medium-sized) of private sector institutions in the Punjab. At present, thirteen schools and four institutes are operating under the umbrella of UMT offering a broad range of bachelor, master and doctoral degree programs in 150+ disciplines. UMT Main campus is located in Lahore.

Lahore is the cultural heart of Pakistan and second largest city of the country and the provincial capital of the Punjab. Historically, it is said to be about 2000 years old. In earliest times, it was a colony of Kangra hill Kingdoms and was a cut-off township on the trade route to Delhi It had hardly any reputation in the Pre-Muslim era. Lahore came to fame with Islam in South Asia, Known as the City of Gardens, after the significant rich heritage of the Mughal Empire.


University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan and Lahore Expo Center

APC Chair 

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yusuf Awan

Dean, UMT School of Architecture and Planning

International Business Conference and Exhibition (IBCE) is the great initiative of the University of Management and Technology. It is the most appropriate step taken to become part of today’s Global World. The current era is the era of commercialisation. Its prerequisites are research, creativity and innovation. Things become older and redundant very soon and require latest solutions to the problems being faced by the humans in the current World. Architecture and Planning are creative disciplines and require continuous creativity through sharing knowledge and interaction with one another. Solutions to the complex problems and the issues related to the built environment are not isolated but rather part of the international community.

International Conference on Architecture and Planning being organised in connection with IBCE by the UMT’s School of Architecture and Planning is expected to address the current issues of the built environment. Significant research and meaningful papers would be presented by local and international researchers, architects, planners, scientists and engineers.

It is my pleasure to invite experts from the related fields of social and technological areas. All are encouraged to visit our website, remain informed and share valuable views and suggestions. Be sure that we will be quickly responding to the queries raised by our worthy colleagues.

Co Chairs

Dr Saima Gulzar

COD , Architecture Department School of Architecture and Planning UMT, Lahore

On behalf of the School of Architecture and Planning (SAP), University of Management and Technology (UMT), it my pleasure and honor to extend to you a warm welcome to the Third International Business Conference and Exhibition (IBCE), on Architecture, Planning and Construction (APC), to be held in Lahore. This is a great opportunity for all the participants for interactive sessions and future collaborations structured for high quality multidisciplinary approach.

IBCE-2018, provides an international platform where participants from all across the globe join hands for bridging the gap between theory and practice through their innovative ideas of collaborative research. The conference has organized paper sessions, workshops, panel discussions, expert’s interactive sessions, poster competitions, amongst others.

We, the School of Architecture and Planning and the conference organizing committee welcome you all.

Our team will always be available for your queries and assistance.

Dr Fariha Tariq

COD , City and Regional Planning Department

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the 3rd IBCE on Architecture, Planning and Construction (APC). The IBCE is a flagship conference of UMT and represents one of the largest gatherings of researchers and industry professionals every year. IBCE continues the tradition of high-quality and broad international participation. This year’s conference is no exception and brings together delegates from around the globe to discuss the latest advances in the vibrant and constantly evolving fields of Architecture, Planning and Construction. It is an honor for me to chair the Planning part of the conference, the first of its kind. The Planning part of conference is organized as a set of four tracks that are Sustainable Infrastructure, Planning & Development; Environment; Housing; Transportation, Mobility and Logistics.

UMT is a premier learning institute, well recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan. The main campus of the institute is located in Lahore which is the second largest city and cultural hub of the country. Historically, Lahore is said to be about 2000 years old. In earliest times, it was a colony of Kangra hill kingdoms and was a cut-off township on the trade route to Delhi. The city came to fame with Islam in South Asia, Known as the City of Gardens, after the significant rich heritage of the Mughal Empire. We are delighted to have 3rd IBCE-APC conference to be held in Lahore. The successful organization of 3rd IBCE has required the talents, dedication and time of many volunteers and strong support from sponsors. Special gratitude and appreciation is due to the various track chairs as they are primarily responsible for the content of the technical program. We hope that you will find the Conference both enjoyable and valuable.


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School of Architecture and Planning

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